Hello, we are Earl and Laura Himes the Conquering Couple.

Why do we call our selves the Conquering Couple you may ask? With over twenty-five years of business, management and entrepreneurship experience along with having a blended family, being young grandparents of now 14 beautiful Grandkids. We have had many setbacks, trials and tribulations cross our path. With God and our faith, we have learned ways to persevere and turn these obstacles into triumphs.

How may we serve you? Serving is our passion and what we were called to do. Coaching, Training, Mentoring, and Speaking for business and personal.

A really great quote by Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” expresses why we do what we do.

What makes us unique is we offer the intellect, views, thinking and behavior from the male and female perspective. We offer areas for which you can grow and become more valuable for your business and personal lifestyle. Being a certified  Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Coach through John Maxwell. Along with having John as a personal mentor and using his leadership, Influence, value, skills, and experience along with ours has allowed us to maximize our full potential to help our clients build a better business, life, and future.


Core Values are a major importance to us.

  1. Integrity – Do what you say you’re going to do; big or small make sure to follow through.
  2. Honesty – Always be upfront and truthful about everything, no matter the cost.
  3. All for Gods kingdom – We are a couple of faith, we believe in giving God all the glory.
  4. Be the light in someone’s darkness – Always be available for those who are struggling with compassion and understanding.
  5. Add value to others – Always try our best to guide, nurture, counsel, encourage and inspire.

You are the one who has control of your life. Again we are here to serve you. Here is a form for you to download that will help you see where you are now and in what areas you can really key in on to improve. Form.

We love to give back and pay it forward as well. A percentage of all proceeds, go to these charities we are very passionate about. www.loveworks.org, helping 5th through 8th graders develop the business and entrepreneur skills they will need in the future to achieve their dreams.  www.cdlsusa.org, Cornelia de Lange syndrome is a genetic and rare disease that is close to affecting 1 in every 10,000 births worldwide. Our daughter was born with this disease and after years of testing, she was actually diagnosed with this at the age of13. We believe in getting involved with our community ( Erie Chamber of Commerce), church (Life.church) and organizations to help give back and do more.

Have the “Courage to Conquer” any obstacle that stands in your way of  ‘creating the best version of you.’