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About Earl and Laura

Hello, we are Earl and Laura Himes the Conquering Couple. Why do we call our selves the Conquering Couple you may ask? With over twenty-five years of business, management and entrepreneurship experience along with having a blended family, being young grandparents of now 14 beautiful Grandkids. We have had many setbacks, trials and tribulations cross our path. With God and our faith we have learned ways to persevere and turn these obstacles into triumphs. Read more…

Why Work With Earl and Laura

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We all have had failures and setbacks at one time or another so we know and understand what it takes to persevere and keep moving forward in business and life.

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Honesty & Integrity

This is two of our core values. We treat others, as we want to be treated.
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

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For us all to truly have a life of significance, it begins and ends with adding value to others.

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Not only do we want to help you succeed, we want to build a long-lasting relationship to help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

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Having a coach improves confidence, relationships, communication, and productivity.

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  • I was struggling to take my business to the next level until I meet the Conquering Couple. Earl and Laura helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and now my business and personal life have grown ten fold.

    ~ Paul Rodriguez - Digital Marketer, SEO Traffic Leader
  • Joey Coder

    Since joining Laura and Earl on the path to self-development, it’s benefited me on several different levels. First and foremost, it’s helped to keep me accountable on my own development because I know we will be talking about the assigned material each week. I like to be an active participant on the calls, so I know it’s important to read/listen to all the material prior to the call. Even though I have pursued personal development on my own over the yrs, it’s been beneficial to be able to take things deeper and get other people’s perspective on the same material. I believe this group is going to help me grow and be a more influential leader in all my future endeavors.

    ~ Joey Codner -
  • We were honored for Earl to share with our Loveworks middle school students on the topic of entrepreneurship and the work required to chase your dreams. He spoke passionately and gave great input that was helpful for our students in their process of launching their own micro-businesses! The investment he’s made into our students is greatly appreciated.

    ~ D. Smith - Afterschool Director, Loveworks Leadership