5 Ways to a Productive To-Do List

Earl Himes Life Coaching 0

We all have things we need to get done. Things we should have already done. We plan on getting stuff done, accomplishing things, making things happen.

Then life seems to get in the way again, Day after day and before you know it a week or even a month has gone by and the things we had on our list still isn’t completed or accomplished.

I use to have a list of things to do for the day and just knew I was going to get them done. I had that same list every day it seemed. I just couldn’t seem to make any headway. How we want our day to go and what actually happens every day can seem very different at times.

After having many failures in a simple to do list. A simple to do list that never gets done or never got around to. I finally had had enough and made some major changes. Very simple changes but impacted my way of doing things dramatically.

Here are 5 ways to have a productive to do list. Not just have but to accomplish the things on the list.

  1. PrioritizeWhat are the most important things you have to get done today? Start with the top 5 things that no matter what you have to get done that day. Something like. Going to the gym, eating healthy, making that phone call, meeting that new client, etc. Prioritize your daily to-do list from 1 to 5 with 1 being the most important. If you knew that if you knocked out these 5 things very first thing then the rest of your day you could do whatever you wanted or make more time to do more things that need to be done. How awesome would that be?
  2. First You have to take care of your priorities first. No matter what. If you don’t put your to-do list first then who will? Others want their list done first so why should you be any different. What happens is the trap we all often fall into. We start out that way then we look at an email and answer that or check our social media and start liking and commenting then we are running behind so we skip a healthy breakfast and any meal prep for the day or week and drive though to get that fast in healthy meal or snack. That’s how it happens. So before you do anything else for anyone or get caught up in the day get your top five things on your to do list done ASAP.
  3. Not to do listIt may sound a little funny or crazy but I promise this is a great way to make sure you get your to do list done is to also make a what not to do list. I’m not joking. Say your trying to eat healthy and you are addicted to M&Ms, then you put on your Not to do list not to eat M&Ms today. This is a great way to reprogram your mind and conscious of what’s important to you. Keeps you in check to get the things done that really need done.
  4. PlannerGet yourself a planner and keep all your list in it so you can track what you are getting done and you will start seeing major improvements not just on your list but in your life. You will start noticing how other parts of your day and life in general are working more smoothly. You will like how it’s affecting other parts of your work and personal life. You will start to like what’s happening by actually accomplishing what’s on your list.
  5. Habits. Once you start accomplishing and enjoying getting your to do list done. You will now have developed the proper habits to accomplish your list everyday. Knowing what is the primary focus of the day and living life by your design not others. You will see how the proper habits are starting to take control over the bad non productive things you use to do or get stuck with doing even without thinking about it. More production, more stress relief, more happiness and all around more life for you to live your way.

These 5 ways will take a little time to develop and gain momentum for you but if you do these 5 things and stay consistent with them you will be doing more than you ever thought possible.