Successful Boss Chic?

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First off, success is not a Solo activity. If you want to take your DREAMS to the next level, you need to surround yourself with successful people, a mentor, a teacher, a legacy leaver, a empire builder. Need to Mastermind with like minded women. Draw the right people into your circle of influence. Truly successful… continue reading »

Suck it up!

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Cry baby

This may step on some toes or hurt some feelings but I hope for it to be inspirational for you by the end of it. In this day and age there is way to much whining, crying and moaning. We think everyone owes us something. We want instant gratification and we feel we that we… continue reading »

5 Ways to a Productive To-Do List

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We all have things we need to get done. Things we should have already done. We plan on getting stuff done, accomplishing things, making things happen. Then life seems to get in the way again, Day after day and before you know it a week or even a month has gone by and the things… continue reading »

Choose your pain

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In life, one must choose one of two pains. We all have things we want in our life, and sometimes we are just not sure of how to achieve them. Some of us were never taught certain things growing up, and we don’t know what we don’t know. Think about this as youngsters we would… continue reading »