Choose your pain

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In life, one must choose one of two pains. We all have things we want in our life, and sometimes we are just not sure of how to achieve them. Some of us were never taught certain things growing up, and we don’t know what we don’t know.

Think about this as youngsters we would get all caught up in the day to day of going to school, having fun with friends, hanging out on social media, not really paying attention of what lies in front of us in our future.

Then when you are older after graduating school, it’s off to work we go to deal with a nagging Boss or unrealistic clients, dealing with customers, maybe kids or a spouse as well.

As we all age in life we come to realize that there is so more to life than the rat race we are living.  That’s when you must choose your pain and the sooner you understand this the better.

You must choose either, The Pain of Discipline or The Pain of Regret.

Choice of Pain, discipline

We live in a world today that wants instant gratification and instant results. We want it now. We see people with nice houses, nice cars, cool cell phones, all the latest gadgets even a perfect family, and think they have it made!

Not to mention we all know and have that one nagging friend that everything sucks and life is horrible. They are always in the mist of drama, and they can suck the life right out of you.

It all comes down to what pain they are choosing to live with, Discipline or Regret.

If you have a vision of your future self and you really want to become that future person you will have to choose the pain of discipline.

Everything worth having, everything that will bring success to your life, whether personal or business is hard work, it takes sacrifices, and might feel like your climbing a mountain to get it!


It will be hard, you will struggle, and it will give you pain along the way. Therefore you must keep your eye on the payoff. Picture, in your mind your future self, your children, your grandchildren and the life you really want and desire.

Then you must CHOOSE The Pain of Discipline to achieve your goals or get the things you want out of life but I promise you it will be worth it.

For example, Just think of how it is to exercise. Whether you are doing cardio or weight training you have to get use to the pain of discipline as you eat the right foods, do the right exercises to push your self to failure and beyond.

Stay consistent with it every day to be able to get the body you want or be in the best condition possible. We have to fail forward and use the pain of discipline to get there.

The last thing anyone wants is to be on their deathbed and have regrets, regrets of not doing something, the regret of not becoming more, not achieving their goals, giving up on their dreams, not pushing their self more, not having discipline.

Choosing the easy way out. Now most of think we have plenty of time and we will get to those things later or we think its just to hard right now, we often think  “I deserve to treat myself “ its been a hard week at work so let’s go shopping, let have another cheat meal this week.

It’s not that we always mean to put things off. Sometimes we just tell ourselves we will get around to it someday! Then that someday never happens, we have run out of time, and the dreams and goals we once had for ourselves dies along with any passion or drive that we had at one time.

Then the pain of regret sets in. We become negative, hateful and bitter to others because deep down we know we did not have the discipline we should have had, so now we are living in regret.

Don’t be that person when your life comes to an end, don’t be the one leaving this world in regret!

The Pain of Discipline is far better than The Pain of Regret… YOU have the freedom to choose.


Earl & Laura Himes

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